Light, Romantic, Fine Art Wedding Photography for Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland & Worldwide

As the story of your love grows evengreener, and you reminisce on the bond you’ve shared over the years, let me help you trace back to the day it all began. You’ve made it through the hard parts, you’ve laughed and loved through the happier ones, and your triumph ought to be celebrated.
I want to make sure your photos look as dreamy and magical as that day felt.

All Things Beautiful

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EST. 2017


Meet Barbora


wedding and portrait PHOTOGRAPHER,  lover of all things beautiful

I’m a fine art wedding photographer based in Washington DC, and a proud mom to 2 daughters!

I make it my mission to really see and capture what others merely catch glimpses of; to immortalize fleeting moments of intimacy, pure joy, perhaps a shared glance across the room, a coy smile at a joke only you two understand, raucous laughter, and happy tears, drunk uncles, and everything in between.

I want to capture your wedding in a way that will transport you right back to your special day no matter how many years down the line you revisit your album.

My work, which I pour my heart and soul into, is not just a profession to me. It’s a calling. A labor of love.

As you browse through my portfolio, I hope the intricate details and candid moments of joy, love, and laughter will give you a sense of how deeply I connect with every single person I work with.

I’ve had many couples remark how they weren’t comfortable during their wedding shoot. For some, it was their first time posing for a camera, and most didn’t know the first thing about flattering angles and poses.

You’re lucky though because that’s not how I roll. Not only do I believe in having a rapport going with my clients so they can be at ease around me, I always meticulously research and plan all the locations, the lighting, the angles, the moods, and the composition. I’m Team You, so I want to make sure when you finally receive your gallery you’ll know why all this care and prep was worth it.

Hi, I'm Barbora!


Kind Words

- ZEina & ERIC

“Barbora is one amazing photographer, she photographed our wedding and we couldn't have been happier..”

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Celebrating your love.

I want to learn as much as there is to know about you. I want you to take me on a magical journey; I want to marvel at each stop of how you met when you fell in love, the battles you’ve fought together, the times of solitude that only left you wanting each other more, and when and how you knew you’d found the one.

Then, at the last stop, I want you to tell me what you want your wedding to look like. Is it a wedding straight out of a Disney movie? Is it a simple, yet elegant  wedding? Or is it a sophisticated English brunch, where you’re surrounded by only the people who love you and whom you love the most?

Whatever your vision is, I want in. Only then will I be able to truly capture your unique story, and help you realize your perfect day.

I’ll be with you every step of the way, to help you plan your timeline, to take your dreamy engagement photographs, and by your side on your wedding day.
I want to warn you, gently, that we might perhaps get along so well that we end up as friends and keep in touch for years to come!

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