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List of 10 Breathtaking Photoshoot Locations In DC, Virginia & Maryland

Aug 14, 2022

Pictures capture moments enriched in love, laughter, and joy. These moments when captured at a breathtaking location give results you cannot take your eyes off from. 

The location matters. It matters as much as the lighting, the color grading, the composition matters. Location is a necessary element for a stunning shoot depicting emotions and mood through a portrait. 

Why Do You Need A Good Location For Your Photoshoot?

Locations decide the result of a picture. Exquisite, breathtaking venues with contextual variety give your pictures the essence of captured moments. Locations reflect your personalities as a couple and give your pictures the look they deserve. Your choice of locations drives all other decisions about the photo shoot, including props to carry, poses, and outfits to wear. A good location can evoke a lively feeling in your pictures, which reflects the bond you share with your loved one. 

List of 10 Breathtaking Photoshoot Locations In DC, Virginia & Maryland 

The world is an incredible place with an exciting plethora of picturesque locations. While almost all destinations are distinct in their indigenous beauty, we’re discussing some of our favourites today in DC, Virginia, and Maryland. 

The places on this list have not just been chosen for their ability to evoke wonder and beauty but for the abundance of light and variety of beautiful angles that they present and which are just as important for a stunning photoshoot. 

  1. DC Monuments

If you are planning to shoot at a location that offers wide-angled, beautiful monumental backgrounds reflected on clean water and slick white marbles, DC monuments should be your priority. The views are gorgeous. The striking white columns offer a perfect background for your portraits as well as panoramic photos. 

Some of the strikingly beautiful DC monuments include:

  • Lincoln Memorial- is considered a favorite of the photographers. The stunning white columns and a reflecting pool in the background of a wide angled picture makes everything look a little more dreamy. 
  • Jefferson Monument- overseeing the water body, gives a spectacular background for some lovely portraits. The widespread blue sky makes it look even more spectacular.
  • Washington Monument- standing tall against a pond of water that reflects its shadow and makes the background serene. It makes a perfect intimate picture background. 

Other monuments include the Capitol, WW2 memorial, and DC War Memorial, all of which offer beautiful architectural landscapes that give your pictures a royal vibe.

Source: Barbora Jones Photography

  1. Tidal Basin

The Tidal Basin during the cherry blossom season is nothing short of spectacular. Blossoms, water, and the Washington Monument in the background give such stunning shots that you would want to return for more. MLK and Jefferson Monument is located just around the lake, which makes another great location for a dreamy shoot. 

Golden hour is a must to catch at the Tidal Basin. The golden rays shining through the pastel blossoms give an exquisite background for your lovely shots. 

Source: Barbora Jones Photography

  1. Riverbend Park

Riverbend is a lush, rustic, peaceful location for outdoor portraits and shots. Riverbend offers beautiful scenery featuring a weathered stone bridge, tall pine trees, split rail fences, and a curved blacktop road. It gives you that perfect lighting and picturesque background, which you can adjust to your angles and make your shots extraordinary. 

  1. Key Bridge Park

A photoshoot session while boating/ canoeing on a river is not a bad idea at all. Key Bridge Park has everything that you need for some aesthetic and adventurous shots. While you boat around the river with a spectacular background of Key Bridge, make sure to pose for some candid shots that capture you living the moment. 

Source: Barbora Jones Photography
  1. Potomac River

As the Sun comes up behind the Capitol, the Potomac River shoreline reflects the dancing rays of sunshine, making it a picture-perfect background for a lovey-dovey couple’s portrait. You are greeted with ample lighting and amazing angles at the Potomac River, giving you the aesthetics you deserve for an amazing shoot. 

Source: Barbora Jones Photography
  1. John F. Kennedy Center

Located on the banks of the Potomac River, John F. Kennedy Center represents an elegant location for your lovely photoshoots. The center gives you an exquisite white background. The manicured outdoors are perfect for a bold photography statement. The diverse and vibrant backgrounds give your perfect romantic shot the desired ambiance and colors. 

Source: Barbora Jones Photography

  1. Brookside Gardens in Maryland 

The natural landscape and gorgeous scenery make Brookside Gardens an ideal location for a memorable photo shoot. Defined by immaculately manicured lawns and tranquil green spaces, these gardens offer breathtaking backgrounds for your stunning portraits. Brookside gardens are housed by botanical gardens and picturesque floral arrangements that lay an animated background for your incredible shots. Don’t miss the vibrant colors that add life to your pictures. 

Source: Barbora Jones Photography

  1. Parks of Northern Virginia

Although great during the summers as well (see pictures below), you need to check these out in the fall. When earth houses falling leaves, all radiant and crisp, it creates a picturesque landscape of orange and yellows, and you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out posing at such a location. Great Falls, Gravelly Point, Wolf Trap National Park, Holmes Run Stream Valley Park, and Meadowlark Botanical Gardens are some of the top locations that offer vibrant lighting and spectacular backgrounds for your portraits. 

Source: Barbora Jones Photography

  1. Union Station 

An iconic building, grand and marvelous, can be a picture-perfect spot for your romantic shots. With its royal ambiance and aesthetic color grading, Union Station can be the best choice for your wedding photoshoots. 

Source: Barbora Jones Photography

  1. Other exotic locations

National Arboretum (permit required), Meridian Hill Park, National Cathedral Gardens (permit required), National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Gardens, Capitol Building, DC PARKS-Rock Creek Park, Yards Park, Roosevelt Island, and Constitution Gardens are some of the other stunning locations that you can choose for a photoshoot. 

These locations offer the best views, balanced lighting, and dramatic angles for the perfect shot that you can get framed. 

Pictures narrate untold stories and express implicit emotions. A good location for a photoshoot of your favorite moments implies depiction of your feelings and mood. Your choice of location tells what kind of story you want to narrate and what mood you want to depict. Be it a romantic beach setting, scenic garden or a dark forest eerie, you are only limited by your imagination. Check out these places for yourself to determine what aesthetic you’re looking for!


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