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18 Husband Wife Romantic Couple Poses For Wedding Photography

Aug 20, 2022

As the famous saying goes, “love is in the air.” Well, you can document it in your pictures too. A husband-wife photoshoot is more than just posing and pictures. It is a fun way for romantic partners to celebrate the new beginnings of their life and build beautiful memories together to cherish forever. 

 What is Wedding Photography?

 Wedding photography is a type of photography that focuses on capturing the people and events surrounding a wedding. Wedding photography can include capturing the wedding ceremony and group portraits of the guests with the bride and groom. Or wedding photography can include capturing everything from the proposal to the reception venue and decorations.

List of 18 Best Husband Wife Romantic Couple Poses For Wedding Photography

 Are you tying the knot soon? Congratulations! We want to ensure that you enjoy your special moments together and take amazing photos, so we have gathered here a list of adorable couple poses and tips to make use of at your wedding.  

1. Walking Hand in Hand

For a more natural and momentary look, hold hands and begin walking. You can even look into each other’s eyes, smile, or crack a joke and laugh for an adorable candid portrait. 

Hand in Hand Couple Shoot Dome
Hand In Hand Couple walkway
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

2. Groom Carrying the Bride

Is there anyone who does not want to be lifted up into the air by their bae? Make “love is in the air” look real! 

Groom carrying bride
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

3. Looking into the eyes

Lock eyes and gaze into each other’s souls. This is another prime pose that depicts intimacy and romance between lovers. 

Bride and Groom eye contact
Couple Eye contact
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

4. The Dip

Dip the girl back for an adorable picture. The groom can lean over her body to make it look like a dance pose. The couple can share a kiss or just look into each other’s eyes. A wide-angled frame can make it look all dreamy and fairytale-like. 

Couple photoshoot park
Couple photoshoot dipping down
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

5. Closed up

Move closer to each other and lean into love! Keeping yourselves close to each other will also let your natural chemistry flow. This pose is a perfect depiction of your relationship’s intimacy. 

Couple closeup picture
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

6. The Classic Pose

Having the couple stand with each other facing the camera is an all-time classic pose. This can look extra sweet and affectionate when holding hands or having your arm around each other’s waist. 

Bride and Groom looking forward
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

7. Warm Embrace

This ultimate romantic couple’s pose depicts the peaceful bond you two share. One can hold the other from the back and lean closer to embrace each other. This is a perfect representation of warmth and affection between you two. 

Bride holding groom
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

8. Bride behind Groom

Have the bride stand behind the groom holding him close, looking into each other’s eyes while the groom tilts his head towards her. An alternative version could be that the bride can hug him from the back while he smiles cheerfully. 

Bride holding groom sunset
Couple outdoor photoshoot
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

9. Eskimo Kisses 

Too shy to kiss in front of the camera? Just get close to it. Channel the romance and intimacy of your relationship by keeping your faces close to each other’s while you eskimo kiss. 

Romantic couple photoshoot
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

10. Under the veil

Act like nobody is watching you under the veil, so you have the chance to get all intimate and romantic with your partner. Lean in for a kiss or just look into each other’s eyes to make it look dreamy and aesthetic at the same time. 

Under the veil couple picture
Under the veil couple
Couple eskimo
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

11. Dance

Twirl like there’s no tomorrow! Dancing poses can result in some great photos that capture the joyous moments between you. A romantic couple dance would do the job. 

Bride and Groom dancing
Bride and Groom dance photoshoot
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

12. Bride and Groom looking into the distance

Adorable couple pictures can also happen when you both stand side by side looking into the distance. These shots are best taken at a wide angle capturing everything beautiful that surrounds the couple. 

Couple looking into the distance
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

13. First look

Certainly our favorite pose during every couple shoot! The first look is always full of so much joy, curiosity, surprise, and engrossment. A rollercoaster of emotions goes through the couple, which deserves a capture. First look photos are natural and candid and turn out amazing.

First look bride and groom
First look bride and groom in the park
Bride and groom photoshoot in the park
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

14. First Touch

The magical moment all couples await! A first touch moment depicts intimacy of love between you two, so make sure you have it captured. 

First touch couple leaning on a container
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

15. Cheek to cheek

Keep that love bubbling up while keeping it cheek to cheek! It is the most adorable pose, and the resulting shot makes you go all aw. 

Source: Barbora Jones Photography

16. The vows

Wedding vows are heartwarming! Having that moment captured when you look into each other’s eyes, reading aloud the commitment of a lifetime is a must. 

Bride and Groom reading vows
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

17. The forehead rest

A simple and elegant, yet romantic pose for you to channel the chemistry between you two. Close your eyes and let your foreheads rest on each other. 

Couple resting forehead picture
Bride and Groom yacht
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

18. Sitting down

Have a seat while you either exchange simple smiles or share hilarious jokes. You can even kiss or lean close to each other, pretending to share a secret for the picture-perfect moment. 

Mountains background couple photoshoot
Bride and Groom sitting in a park
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

Last words

Wedding photography is one of the most fulfilling experiences for a couple that lets you enjoy candid moments with your partner while having it all documented. It allows you to celebrate the chemistry and love between you two. Building last memories with your partner to cherish when you look back at them is the essence of wedding photography. 

Make sure to equip yourself completely with tips and tricks on how to pose with your partner on your big day!


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