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Maternity Couple PhotoShoot Ideas That Never Get Old

Aug 24, 2022

Becoming parents is one of the greatest joys of life. Nothing else even comes close to the anticipated feeling of holding a tiny living thing that is a part of you and your partner. 

The experience is even more beautiful for the mother who literally houses the tiny being inside of her. The mother’s body goes through a beautiful transformation journey worthy of documenting and cherishing throughout your life. 

What Is A Maternity Couple Photoshoot?

A maternity couple photo shoot is a unique way to embrace the beginning of parenthood. A baby brings hope, beauty, and a new love into your life, and a maternity photography session allows you to capture and document these moments of anticipated joy to create beautiful lasting memories. Maternity sessions capture the beauty of the mother’s growing baby bump and the father’s glowing smile and are definitely our favorite type of shoots. 

General Tips To Prepare Yourself For The Photoshoot

A maternity photoshoot can be the perfect time to celebrate the life you are carrying inside you and remind yourself of the beauty and resilience of your body during your pregnancy journey. Photoshoots can be hectic, especially for a mom-to-be, so make sure you prepare yourself accordingly. 

Here are some general tips you can follow: 

  1. Plan to book a session for your third trimester, between 28 and 32 weeks. At this time, your bump will be showing well and will look beautiful in pictures. 
  2. Pregnancy is a tiring period and your face might show it. Make sure to pamper yourself beforehand.
  3. Stay hydrated, do not skip breakfast, and rest well the night before. 
  4. Choose what to wear and make sure it is comfortable yet classy. Go for more stretchy outfits or flary dresses to flaunt that bump.
  5. Bring sentimental items like your ultrasound image, family heirloom, or baby blanket. These props can add personal meaning to your pictures. 

List of 15 Best Maternity Couple Photoshoot Ideas

Pregnancy is an exciting journey, whether it’s your first, fourth or tenth time! It’s a time full of body changes and joyous moments that you want to last forever. Well, there is one way to do so, a maternity couple photoshoot. 

Here is a list of some natural and creative maternity couple photoshoot ideas that you and your partner will surely enjoy. 

1. Belly Closeup 

Celebrate your growing body with a close-up shot of your belly. To make it look even more heartwarming, you can ask your husband or kids (if any) to craft a heart on your belly using their hands. 

Pregnant Mother with kids
Pregnant couple shoot
Pregnant woman closeup
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

2. Dance under a Cherry Blossom 

Choose a location with cherry blossom trees, and dance like nobody’s watching. Pose for a nice twirl with your partner under the cherry blossoms for a dreamy shot. 

Pregnant couple dancing
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

3. Embracing a moment

A simple yet heartening pose, to be present in the moment. You and your partner can lean in together, share a gentle kiss or look into each other’s eyes for an intimate shot. Having your partner hold your belly is another prime example shot of embracing a moment. 

Pregnant couple embracing each other
Pregnant couple embracing each other
Pregnant couple park photoshoot
Pregnant couple sunset photography
Pregnant woman flower pose
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

4. First baby photo

Hold your baby’s first photo taken during an ultrasound while you and your partner share a gaze of love. This is an adorable pose and a great memory documented for your baby to look back at when they were in your belly. 

Pregnant couple first baby

5. Get everyone in the photo.

Create an exciting family picture with your husband and kid(s) just strolling through a park or sitting together. This shot is a reflection of the support and love you have (and that your baby will have). 

Pregnant couple family photo
family picture in the park
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

6. Holding Hands

The classic romantic pose in which you and your partner hold hands and look into each other’s eyes. Choose a stunning location to add the dreamy effect. 

Couple holding hands walking
couple holding hands in the park
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

7. In gazebo

Gazebos make a stunning background, especially for some intimate and romantic shots. Lean closer, look into each other’s eyes, or rest your foreheads on each other. Any pose can look great in the gazebo. 

Couple in a gazebo photoshoot
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

8. Kiss from Daddy

Another great way to express love for the mother and the baby to be born is through a kiss. Daddy can give a gentle kiss on your belly. This reflects the embracement of parenthood. 

Husband kissing pregnant wife's belly
Husband kissing pregnant wife's belly
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

9. Kiss under a cherry blossom

Love is where a cherry blossom tree is. Add that dreamy effect to your photoshoot by sharing a kiss under the beautiful pastel trees. This pose is depictive of the intimacy you two hold. 

Pregnant couple photoshoot beside a river
Pregnant couple photoshoot under a cherry blossom tree
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

10. Lead the way

Another adorable couple maternity pose is mommy leading the way while daddy looks at her in aw. This reflects the adorable connection you two have. 

Pregnant wife leading the way
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

11. Lean on shoulder

A nice way to reflect the bond of togetherness you two share while you lean on your partner’s shoulder, eyes closed, embracing the moment. 

Couple leaning on each other's shoulder
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

12. Love hug

A love hug is a perfect depiction of the bond you both need while embracing parenthood. Lean in close for a hug and have this moment documented to cherish. 

Pregnant couple sunset photoshoot
Couple park photoshoot
Couple photoshoot in a park
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

13. Sitting down

Maternity photos don’t always have to be taken while standing. Change the perspective and get comfortable in a sitting pose. You can choose different locations like your bedroom, lawn, or nice picnic spot.

Family sitting in a park
Pregnant wife solo photoshoot
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

14. Spotlight for the mama

Celebrate the spirit of motherhood by striking a casual yet elegant pose. This one is only for the mom-to-be, so make sure you’re grinning from ear to ear. 

Pregnant woman posing under a tree
Pregnant woman solo photoshoot in a park
Pregnant woman sitting on a bench
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

15. Take a walk

Take a stroll in the park or beside the river while talking about your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy, so your faces are automatically lit up with smiles. 

Pregnant couple taking a stroll
Pregnant couple walking alongside a river
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

To Sum It Up

Pictures are beautiful reminders of moments of joy and happiness. They create lasting memories that can be cherished when looked at. Pregnancy is the most amazing time of a couple’s life when they are all set to enter a different realm of life. The little things and simple moments of joy during that phase are worth cherishing for a lifetime. Couples who document these moments in pictures have so much to look back at and smile at. 

Make sure you try some of these fun poses with your partner, so you and your little one have countless reasons to smile when you look back at the family album.


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