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Aug 26, 2022

Have you found the one? Are you ready to spend your life with that special person who makes your life colorful? 


But have you thought about how to propose to your significant other? This life-changing moment can bring a lot of excitement and nervousness simultaneously. Being a once in a lifetime moment, a proposal date is something you should definitely take some time to plam. 

This day signifies a promise of togetherness and love and gives you a chance to ask to hold the hand of the person you are in love with and ready to spend a lifetime with. 

How to plan a surprise proposal

Planning the perfect proposal can be overwhelming. Millions of ideas are available on the internet, but not everything works for everyone. From deciding the theme of the setup to, choosing a location of your liking, it can bring in a lot of pressure. 

To sort your way through this confusion, we have compiled a list of a few things that might help the date go smoothly. 

  1. Always keep your partner’s preferences in mind. You’re, of course, familiar with your person’s personality and likes and dislikes. For example, if your partner is an introvert, you might not want to propose in a public place; instead, go for a more intimate space where you can comfortably spend time together and make a lasting memory. 
  1. Although it is important to be yourself, this moment deserves you going a little out of the way for your partner. Be confident in whatever you do, so your partner knows that you’re sure about your decision to marry them. Plan something meaningful that leaves an impact and lasts forever in the memory. 
  1. Be present at the moment. Don’t fret for the “perfect”; instead, improvise and enjoy. You both will be happy if you are simply in the moment, totally focused on each other and the love between you two. 
  1. Lastly, do not forget to capture the moment. Consider arranging a professional photographer to cover your special moments, you would want some pictures of the beginning of your love to show to your kids. Besides, your partner’s “surprised” expressions are also worth capturing.

Top 10 surprise proposal ideas 

A great place to start planning proposal ideas is by finding inspiration. That’s why we have compiled some of the best and most meaningful proposal ideas from which you can choose according to your partner’s preference. 

1. Set up an intimate picnic

A simple picnic can never go wrong. You can keep it intimate or add other people like your partner’s family or your mutual friends. Set it up at a nice place aesthetically, which could be any park, a valley, or even the backyard of a friend’s place. Add some candles, fresh flowers, fruits, and chocolates or your partner’s favorite food, and bend down on your knees to say those three-four magical words. 

Picnic Proposal
Source: Canva

2. Find a mountain top

The best proposal dates are the ones where the love can be felt far and wide. Choose a stunning mountain top location away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is your chance to experience this special moment together, alone. The stunning location will make it memorable, especially if your partner is a nature lover.

Mountain top proposal
Source: Tara Hill Studios
mountain top couple proposal
Source: iStock

3. Choose a picturesque location. 

Picturesque locations will only add to the moment and make for stunning photos. This could include any spot that you two love hanging out together, like the DC monuments or a nearby lake. This way, you won’t have to put in extra effort to elevate the space and completely focus on the special day.

Stairsteps couple proposal
Source: Barbora Jones Photography
sunset photoshoot
Source: Barbora Jones Photography
couple sunset photoshoot
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

4. Spell it out with rose petals

Add some fun to your proposal day by creating a path of rose petals leading to a proposal surprise. The surprise involves many rose petals spelling out the four magical words “will you marry me? Decorate the whole thing with some candles and chocolates. The aroma of fresh roses will be an instant mood lifter, especially if your partner loves flowers. 

beach proposal
Source: Studio Eminence Photography
rose petals proposal
Source: Harsanik

5. Pop the question in a hot air balloon

Let love float in the air. This can be extremely exciting and unique. Take your loved one on a private hot air balloon flight and experience an exhilarating airborne journey. The fun can be doubled if your partner is an adventure lover. Go with your plan about halfway through the ride, and then pop the question. Imagine how dreamy and fairy-tale-like it would be; you and your partner flying above the beautiful landscapes and marking the beginning of a new life filled with excitement. 

Hot air balloon proposal

6. Go All Out In a Public Place: 

There are people who want to shout it out to the world when they’re in love. A public declaration of love not only makes your partner feel special but also awakens the hope of finding true love among the spectators. Sure, it’s not everyone’s style, but if you’re not afraid of a little PDA (honestly the world could do with more gestures of love), choose a public place to pop the question. 

Proposal in public
Source: Barbora Jones Photography
Couple proposal at a public space
Source: Barbora Jones Photography
Couple intimate proposal photoshoot
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

7. Classic Candlelight Dinner

A simple candlelight dinner never gets old. If you want to shower your partner with warmth, love, and some golden light, plan a romantic dinner where it’s just the two of you and the anticipation and excitement of the beginning of a new life. You can fill the room with calming scents and warm lights to make it look and feel romantic. 

candle light dinner proposal
Source: Canva

8. Create a custom puzzle

If your partner is into mind-stimulating games, create a custom puzzle. Once you complete it,the finished piece will read as, “will you marry me?” Don’t forget to savour the spark of joy and surprise in your partner’s eyes. 

custom puzzle proposal
Source: Pinterest

9. Near a Lake or Water Body

The location you choose will always signify the love between you two. If your partner is a water baby, choose a location with water. Water always adds a very soft touch to photos, making the horizon seem limitless and dreamy in each photograph. 

Proposing at a lake
Source: Barbora Jones Photography

10. Organize a flash mob

Having a group perform out of nowhere is a unique and fun way to propose. Whether it’s a dancing flash mob, singing mob, or something completely new, this can be exciting, and you’ll have a unique story to narrate about how it all began. You can join in with your partner and when they’re completely submerged in the moment, pop the question. 

flash mob proposal
flash mob proposal at night
Source: Nyx Entertainment

 11. Take a stroll on the beach.

Take your partner to the seaside, take a walk, spend some time beside the waves and then pop the question in the sand. Kneel down and hold her hand while you put the ring on her finger and let the beachy air bless the union.  

couple proposal at a beach
couple proposal while taking a stroll on the beach
Source: The Heart Bandits

12. Elevate an intimate space

Intimate proposals are simple, but special. Elevate an intimate space with some flowers, candles, and a view. You can even include your family and friends to celebrate this special moment (if you think your partner would appreciate it)

intimate proposal in front of family and friends
Source: J&J Studios
intimate proposal on a rooftop

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some creative proposal ideas in your backpack, use them as inspiration to create your unique version of asking your loved one to spend the rest of your lives together. 

Do not forget to capture the moments to make them last forever!


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